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Blog posts that deal with soap and cosmetic labeling; addition information, questions asked and answered and updates as new information becomes known.

  • New Year’s Resolutions – Check Your Labels!

    With the New Year come New Year’s resolutions. Besides the old standbys to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and reduce stress, how about a new one this year — review your product labels to make sure they are compliant with the regulations!  Eliminate the stress you might have from wondering whether your products would […]

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  • Proposed FDA Survey: Allergens in Cosmetics

    Allergens in cosmetics have been an issue of growing concern. Food product regulations require the disclosure of certain allergens, even if only that the facility makes other products with the allergens in them (e.g., “this product was made in a facility that puts peanuts in other products”). Cosmetics don’t have those requirements. Concern for consumers has […]

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  • Certificate of Free Sale

    Certificate of Free Sale

    A Certificate of Free Sale is a document that provides proof that a product is being freely and legally sold without restriction. It is sometimes also called a “Certificate for Export” or “Certificate to Foreign Governments.” When Is a Certificate of Free Sale Needed? A Certificate of Free Sale is needed if you are exporting […]

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  • Why is Regulatory Compliance Important?

    Why is Regulatory Compliance Important?

    When looking at the minutiae of labeling a soap or cosmetic product, it’s easy to forget the big picture. Why are all these regulations in place? Why is it important to comply with them? Why Are There Regulations At All? In the USA, regulations are the rules that are put in place to implement the […]

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  • Blended Color Additives

    Blended Color Additives

    Color additives in cosmetics continue to be a difficult topic.  Blended cosmetics are especially problematic. Keeping your products legal requires diligence and an understanding of color additives and the regulations.

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  • Are Your Product Claims Fake News?

    Are Your Product Claims Fake News?

    You may have heard that Google, Facebook and other social media sites are trying to figure ways to weed out fake news before it makes its way into the wild. That they are using a combination of artificial intelligence, computer algorithms, and live human reviews to decide what’s real and what’s fake. That they have […]

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  • An Almond Doesn’t Lactate

    Last month, pointing out that “almonds don’t lactate,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that the FDA will soon issue a new guidance on the use of the term “milk.” Currently milk is defined as “the lacteal secretion, practically free from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows” or goats.[[21 CFR […]

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  • Are Your Color Additives Legal?

    Are Your Color Additives Legal?

    Color additives are a major concern for the FDA. Using an unapproved color additive can cause your product to be adulterated (and illegal).

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  • If One, Then All?

    If One, Then All?

    “If you put one ingredient on your soap label, you have to list them all” is an idea is being bandied around a lot lately. But is it true? As with most questions about legal stuff and regulations, yes… and no. Cosmetics If the product is a cosmetic, then the answer is a resounding YES. […]

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  • Natural Colorants, More

    Natural Colorants, More

    Since my last post about natural colorants I’ve gotten some questions about using ingredients that change the color of the soap or cosmetic, where that really wasn’t the point of the ingredient. Lets review the definitions. I’m just including the important bits, and bolding the really important bits. Color Additive Any material that is capable […]

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  • Trade Secrets

    Trade Secrets

    You’ve developed the perfect product and you want to keep the formulation secret. Can you hide some of the ingredients? Well, yes and no. Key Word to Know Trade Secret Any formula, pattern, device, or compilation of information which is used in one’s business and which gives one an opportunity to obtain an advantage over […]

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  • Looking for Product Drug Claims

    Looking for Product Drug Claims

    When we talk about “drug claims” we are actually talking about the statements that tell the consumer that a product is intended to be used to diagnose, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or to change the structure or function of the body. How does the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determine the intended use of […]

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