Wildlife Society Award to Chandler Family Ranch

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I was just informed that our ranch, of which I have been the Operations Manager for 12 years, has been awarded the Private Landowner Stewardship Award by the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society!  The award is one of two civic recognitions they give out annually.  From their website: “Private Landowner Stewardship Award “This civic award recognizes private landowners for implementing … Read More

Cosmetic & Drug Claims

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Americans spend a lot of money on creams, lotions and other cosmetics that promise to improve their skin, hair and even eyelashes. But sometimes those promises go too far. So says a new page on the FDA website intended for consumers to inform them of the differences between drugs and cosmetics.  In my opinion, they’re right. 

What is the “Common Name”?

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The FDA has said that the “common name”1 is required for cosmetic ingredients. But what does that mean, exactly? Let me tell you the story of the Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and INCI names. Once upon a time … Back in the 1970’s, a book called the Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (CID) was published by the Cosmetic Toiletries and Fragrance Association, a US … Read More

Unpackaged Cosmetic Products

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We all know that the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act requires that all consumer products (including cosmetics) have the identity of the product and the net contents on the front, the name and address of the manufacturer somewhere on the label.  Cosmetics also require the ingredients to be listed. Here’s a question that has come up more than once:  How … Read More

Proposed Revisions to Labeling Regulations under the FPLA

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The Federal Trade Commission is looking to update their regulations under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, and “modernize the place-of-business listing requirement.”  These are the regulations that apply to “true soap” that is exempt from the FDA definition of a cosmetic. The proposed change would amend 16 CFR 500.5(c) to read: (c) The statement of the place of business shall include … Read More

Helpful Pages from Updated FDA Site

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The FDA continues to update their website, clarifying and making things more understandable.  I love the new articles as they are very clear and easy to understand (as well as many of them being targetted to small and emerging business).  The only thing is that they are a little hard to find … I still can’t figure out the categorization … Read More

Labeling Book 2015 Edition – Preorder

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Well, it’s finally happened. I’m OUT OF STOCK on the 2nd Edition of the book (2010)! The 2015 updated 3rd Edition (I’m calling it the “purple edition”) is almost finished. I’m on the final round of edits and updates. In a way, it’s good that the project was delayed a bit because now I’ll be able to include information about … Read More

FDA Responds to HSCG PO Box Petition

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As handcrafters, often working out of our homes, it’s always been an issue that the street address is required on the label unless published in a current  phone or city directory.  The HSCG just announced that the petition they filed with the FDA in 2012 to allow the use of a PO Box in lieu of street address, has received … Read More

Liquid Soapmaking by Jackie Thompson

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Jackie Thompson’s long awaited book, Liquid Soapmaking, is finally here – and more than worth the wait. For those who make handcrafted soap bars, transitioning to making liquid soap can be daunting. While the chemistry is essentially the same, when it comes to the finished product, opaque bar soap is much more forgiving than liquid soap that should be completely … Read More

Cosmetic Claims and Required Approval

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Recently there has been some discussion online (in a Facebook Group) as a result of a report of a conversation with someone from the FDA. The report was that this FDA representative said that if you wanted to use the word “moisturizing” to describe a soap, then your recipe would need to be submitted and evaluated for its composition of … Read More